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It was during her studies as an environmental engineer, and more specifically her thesis, that Valentine Godin began Maya’s adventure. Looking into the problem of water management in golf courses, she installed sensors and began to collect information. She discovered the sector and its problems: increasing prices of inputs and energy, new zero-phyto laws, climate change, etc. Convinced that technology is part of the solution, she decided to launch pilot projects and thus to digitalise the courses of clubs to assist them in their management of the land. By cross-referencing data with observations provided by course managers, but also with historical, meteorological and scientific data, Maya was born… One year later, after very positive results in the 5 pilot courses that tested the project, the final platform was optimised and launched in November 2022. Since then, many golf courses have been seduced by its efficiency. 

Maya was therefore developed for the golf sector. However, many other sectors are interested in reducing their consumption of water and inputs, anticipating the arrival of diseases and treating them effectively upstream, managing tasks more intelligently, etc. 

That’s why Maya is adding strings to its bow by offering the right algorithms for each sector, and adapting to each need.


the digital platform tailored to your needs


Eco-responsible & profitable management of your course.


Improving your operations throughout the cycle of your vineyards.

Parks & gardens

Optimisation & management of your property maintenance.

Turf sport pitches

Keep your environmental footprint to a minimum.

The power of data science

at the service of your site

Maya’s artificial intelligence allows you to view essential soil data in real time, anticipate disease risk, and optimise your technical maintenance itinerary. Precise information at your fingertips, giving you a complete and continuous overview. Thanks to the precise prediction models made by the algorithm following the analysis of your field data.

A tailor-made


With your personalised dashboard, keep control of your soil’s humidity and temperature to better prevent diseases while minimising your water consumption and increasing the quality of your land in a sustainable way.

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Tailor-made experience
Tailor-made experience
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Nutritional plans, soil analysis, cultural practices, maintenance and disease zone monitoring. Gather and visualise all the important information about your land in one tool and take advantage of MAYA's intelligence to transform this data into relevant information. MAYA helps you manage your land on a daily basis.
Scalable intelligence
Scalable intelligence
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Using proprietary scalable algorithms, MAYA adapts to your unique terrain conditions and uses all of the data collected to provide you with personalised and relevant predictions. Anticipate trends and stay ahead of the curve while optimising the management of your tasks and resources.
Connected sensors
Connected sensors
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Rain, evapotranspiration, wind, solar radiation, soil moisture and temperature and many more! Thanks to intelligent sensors, monitor your field's local conditions in real time, visualise its performance throughout the seasons, optimise your practices and no longer let yourself be surprised by bad weather and other environmental hasards. Take control of your land with MAYA and make precision land management a reality.

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