Improve the quality and yield of your vineyard throughout the lifecycle of your vines.

Intelligent management of your vineyard

Maya was first developed for golf, where it has proven itself on many levels. But by changing some algorithms, it becomes a serious management tool for vineyards!

Best of Maya

For your vineyard

Optimizing resources and monitoring nutrient inputs in real time

Maya follows your nutrition and fertilization programme by providing you with real-time feedback. Knowing the composition of your products, Maya monitors your fertilization and nutrient supply plan day by day, indicating the units/hectare supplied to the land for each available nutrient. If your stock of fertilizer is running out, she will warn you and recommend new ones.

Accurate weather predictions

With its station and sensors, Maya gives you an accurate, real-time view of your vineyard conditions and uses this local information to warn you of disease risks days in advance. It also allows you to view and compare all your weather and soil data in one place and from one year to the next.

Continuously monitor local conditions on your vineyard

Record areas of disease and other incidents, and upload your soil tests directly to Maya to get an overall picture of how your site has changed over the years. Track trends and view all aspects of your vineyard in one place.

Customized disease risk predictions

With data from the weather station and various sensors in the soil, Maya communicates to you a level of risk related to different diseases based on the local conditions of your vineyard. Customized algorithms developed to serve you better to counter attacks.

Customized alarms and notifications

You can ask Maya to warn you when there is a risk of disease, frost, dew, a treatment to be done, a stock of fertilizer that is running out,... Everything is customizable according to your wishes and needs.

Intelligent task management

Maya also has a calendar where you can see which treatment to apply at which moment. It is therefore possible to distribute tasks between your different employees.

A big part of human being

Maya is a software that uses artificial intelligence. This may be scary for some, but you should know that behind Maya is a committed team, very human and attentive to the problems of its users. Every week, we are on the field, close to our users, and we take into account their feedback in order to better respond to your needs. 

Our primary goal is to help you through the software, but also beyond! We will make sure you fully understand the information Maya offers so you can make the best decisions and become an expert in sustainable land management.

Sustainable land



Eco-responsible & profitable management of your course.

Parks & gardens

Sustainable management of green spaces and your property grounds.

Turf sport pitches

Optimise resources and keep your environmental footprint to a minimum.

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