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At GVE group, we are revolutionising land management with a sustainable impact, using the power of AI, ML, and IoTs to drive positive change.


Saving the planet, one algorithm at a time: Be a hero at GVE Group!

Our values and mission are built on the foundation of sustainability, innovation, and a commitment to creating a lasting impact on the environment and society. If you are a data scientist, engineer, business developer, or a passionate individual looking to leverage your skills to bring value to society, we invite you to join our team.


Why choose GVE group?

Purpose-Driven Work

We believe in harnessing the transformative potential of AI, ML, and IoT to develop innovative solutions that address critical challenges. By working with us, you will have the opportunity to apply cutting-edge technologies to make a positive difference in land management and beyond.

Guiding Principles

Our core beliefs shape our culture and guide our actions. Passion fuels our drive for success, while collaboration and mutuality enable us to go far together. We conduct business with unwavering integrity, embracing honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge drive our innovation, while efficiency ensures we deliver outstanding results.

Sustainability at the Core

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to bringing land management into the 21st century by leveraging AI, ML, and IoT technologies. Together, we can make precision management accessible to all while creating a positive impact on our planet and future generations.

Enthusiasm and Commitment

We approach every project with enthusiasm and wholehearted commitment. We invest ourselves fully, embracing challenges, and delivering results that have a significant, positive impact. Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about using their technical expertise to drive meaningful change.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers are at the forefront of our work. We strive to understand their needs and develop AI-powered solutions that solve real-world problems and bring tangible value. By collaborating closely with our customers, we continuously improve and innovate to exceed their expectations.

Let's talk !

If you are a data scientist, engineer, or any other talented individual who wants to use their skills to make a positive impact and bring value to society, we want to hear from you. Whether you are interested in work experience, internships, or full-time positions, we offer exciting opportunities for growth and development.

At GVE group, we value enthusiasm, transparency, meticulousness, proactive learning, and a customer-centric approach. If you share our passion for leveraging AI, ML, and IoT to drive positive change and want to be part of our transformative journey, send us your CV and application today.

Join us in creating a sustainable and thriving future, where technology serves as a catalyst for good. Together, we can harness the power of new technologies to make a difference that matters.