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Our History
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Our History

We’re delighted to present the milestones in our company’s journey and share our unique story.
Here are a few key moments in our history:


Our introduction

  • 01 January 2020

Our introduction to the world of golf and IoT through an innovative university thesis on water management and resilience in golf courses.

01 January 2020
01 October 2021

The birth of Maya

  • 01 October 2021

Our revolutionary platform for golf course management and disease prediction.

Installation of sensors

  • 01 November 2021

Installation of connected sensors at Rigenee Golf Club and launch of the pilot version of Maya.

01 November 2021
02 June 2022

Our first breakthrough

  • 02 June 2022

We achieved our first breakthrough in disease prediction following dollar spot attacks, and development of the real app begins.

Installation & use

  • 03 June 2022

Successful installation and use of Maya on 5 pesticide-free pilot golf courses in Belgium.

03 June 2022
01 November 2022

The official global launch

  • 01 November 2022

The official global launch of Maya, opening up a world of possibilities for golf course management.

Successful completion

  • 01 February 2023

Successful completion of a fundraising round of 500 000 EUR.

01 February 2023
17 March 2023

Maya is proving to be a game-changer

  • 17 March 2023

With over 20 users across four countries, Maya is proving to be a game-changer in the golf industry.

We’re proud of our journey so far, and excited for what the future holds. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from our team at Maya Global.


Our Vision

The essential digital tool for field managers seeking to reconcile efficiency, sustainability and high performance.
Maya was born with the ambition of providing a tool to keep up with changes and new standards, enabling greenkeepers and grounds managers to adapt, secure their future and increase efficiency, turning challenge into opportunity.


A strategic partner

With Unlimited Ambitions

An engineer, optimist and passionate about nature, Valentine is convinced that it is innovation that will allow us to find sustainable solutions to today’s climate challenges. In the context of her final thesis, in 2020, Valentine discovered the world of golf and its realities.

Looking at the issue of water and the search for solutions to increase the water autonomy of a golf course, she discovers the relevance of data in golf courses and more generally in the world of sports grounds and green spaces.

New legislation, reduced maintenance margins, climatic uncertainties, the world of green spaces fascinates her and in October 2021, after a year of working very closely with greenkeepers and many lively conversations with members of the maintenance teams, MAYA was born.

5 pilot sites and one year of development later, MAYA is now THE platform that puts innovation at the heart of the grounds and reconciles today’s challenges with tomorrow’s sustainable ambitions.

Valentine Godin Founder
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Jean-Bernard van Zuylen van Nyevelt

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dr Tom Peach​


Inés Moreno Cortés​

South Of Europe Director

Robin Averill-Hampshire

UK Director

Sasitha Perera

Senior Back-End Engineer

Siraj Mohamed

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Jonathan Kumar

Senior Front-End Engineer

Mohamed Afker

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Theo Baum

Operations Coordinator